Cockatiel is derived from a dutch name “Kakatielje” given by Jamrach back in 1926, which means “a little cockatoo.” Cockatiels have a reputation for being small on the outside but incredibly packed on the inside! Its bubbly appearance goes along with its
outgoing attitude, and that’s what kept these birds unique throughout the ages!


Aside from its attractive and beautiful array of colors and mutations, just like other birds, Cockatiels also have an affectionate personality and they are very inquisitive in nature. They are very fond of playing and hanging around people and they love to grab people’s attention through their incredible serenading voices! Yes they can sing!


In the wild, Cockatiels primarily eat palm nuts, seeds and fruits. Since these birds are very active, they will need nutrients that
are rich in calories, protein and fats among others.


Fortunately, today’s supplements have opened new and healthy options for pet owners. In this section you will be guided on
how to properly feed your parrot and learn the feeding amount and nutritional requirements they need.


You as the owner, have to provide for its basic needs so that it will be healthy and happy. In this blog you will learn the different requirements needed for your bird food necessary for the maintenance of your Cockatiels.

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