Cockatiel is derived from a dutch name “Kakatielje” given by Jamrach back in 1926, which means “a little cockatoo.” Cockatiels have a reputation for being small on the outside but incredibly packed on the inside! Its bubbly appearance goes along with its
outgoing attitude, and that’s what kept these birds unique throughout the ages!

In this blog we share with you 12 facts about Cockatiel:


1. Cockatiels, which are scientifically under the Subfamily of Nymphicinae, are birds that are native to the mainland and drier parts of Australia. These birds life expectancy is about 10 – 20 years or more!


2. They are relatively small parakeets with an enthusiastic, sociable attitude towards people, which makes them an interesting choice as pets.

3. These parrots had been popular since the 18th century especially when scientists brought it to Europe


4. In the wild, Cockatiels are miniature birds with variety of colorful feathers such as dark grey, bright yellow and white, because of color mutations they now come in array of different colors like Cinnamon Pearl Pied, Pastel Face Cinnamon Pied, Yellow Cheek Cinnamon Pearl, as well as White Face Cinnamon Pearl to name a few.

5. Aside from singing, they are also fond of chewing, snuggling and playing interesting games to keep them from being bored and also to satisfy their curious minds. They are totally adorable and have a knack for a fun time!


6. Most Cockatiels are generally easy to train, although they don’t do many tricks but they can be well-behaved as long as you provide them with adequate attention, interaction, and love. They can easily become part of the family and a loving companion if you are willing to put in the time and effort to take care of them.


7. Cockatiels are very easy to differentiate from its fellow parakeets because they are only parrots with a crest on top of their heads. The bird’s behavior or mood are expressed on its crest; if its crest is vertical it usually means excited or shocked, if it is flattened to its head, the bird might be defensive or angry and if it’s diagonal or oblique that means that the cockatiel is in its neutral state. They display a grey plumage with prominent white flashes on the outer edges of each wing and usually bright yellow cere.


8. Their average size including tails is about 12 - 14 inches long, with a total wingspan of about 40 centimeters, and weighs 88 – 178 grams. It has an average lifespan of 10 – 20 years. The maximum recorded lifespan of a Cockatiel is 32 years.


9. In terms of their behavior and personality, they are quite known for being a whistler and have a humorous attitude. They will destroy and chew on any objects available, requires lots of interaction and also not that good in performing tricks. But they are primarily easy to tame and very friendly once they get to know you


10. These parrots are omnivorous and usually feed on seeds, insects, fruit and nuts. Cockatiels are sexually dimorphic, although with only a slight difference; female Cockatiels have striped pale yellow pattern tails and a more greyish face than the males.


11. In terms of reproduction, Cockatiels reach their sexual maturity in around 12 - 24 months and breeding period usually occurs during spring and early autumn; females’ clutch size ranges from an average of 2 – 8 eggs and incubation lasts for about 17 – 24 days.


12. Just like any parrots, Cockatiels can be trained to mimic human speech and imitate other sounds by using their bifurcated trachea, which are equivalent to vocal cords in humans. Both male and female Cockatiels are naturally good at singing and whistling.

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