As you probably know, you must eat properly to see good results from working out. You can grind away on the treadmill and pound weights until the cows come home and still see little to no results if you don’t know how to support those activities with the right nutrition.

Muscles can’t grow unless the body has the right nutrients to repair the damage caused by lifting weights. Eat too little, and you can not only fail to make gains, but you can actually lose muscle. Your body can’t lose fat unless you make it operate at just the right deficit of calories. Eat just a few hundred too many calories per day, and you’ll find yourself stuck in the miserable rut of feeling like you’re “on a diet” without losing any weight.

That being said, many diet plans out there exist in a vacuum. That is, they assume that eating conditions will always remain the same. They don’t take into account the fact that most people can’t stomach the same handful of food options every day, or that being severely restricted in one’s diet can lead to all-out splurging, which then leads to the dreaded weight yo-yo.

What’s needed is balance—a diet that allows for a variety of foods and that allows you to indulge now and again. It also has to be simple and practical so as to fit in with the craziness of our daily lives. And last but not least, it needs to enhance your overall health by incorporating healthy carbs and fats instead of the junk found in most people’s fridges.

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