20 Genius Halloween Costume Ideas For Parents With Baby Carriers

Halloween is just around the corner and you don’t have a babysitter yet? What if I were to tell you that actually, maybe you don’t need one!

With a bit of creativity you can quite easily incorporate your little bundle of joy into your scary costume, with the help of a baby carrier and some DIY skills.

We have helpfully put together a list of people who have done just that, which you can use for inspiration. So scroll down to check out the list below, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite. It’s Halloween, baby!

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1- Mr. President

gallery/image cf44

2- This One Is Actually Scary

gallery/image cf45

3- "Little" Spider

gallery/image cf46

4- Baby Rapunzel Costume

gallery/image cf47

5- We've Got This

gallery/image cf48

6- Baby’s First Halloween

gallery/image cf49

7-  Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume

gallery/image cf50

8- Awesome Costume

gallery/image cf51

9- The Baker And Her Cupcake

gallery/image cf52

10- Tandem Skydiver

gallery/image cf53

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