15 Thoughts Pregnant Women Have But Don’t Want To Admit

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It’s not like pregnancy is some everyday, ordinary, routine occurrence. It’s a bizarre, life-changing and sometimes once in a lifetime experience. You’re growing a human inside of you. You’re preparing to worry about the wellbeing of someone else forever. Your body is going through all sorts of changes, both aesthetically and hormonally. Nothing about this experience is standard and, as such, the thoughts you have during it won’t exactly be “normal” either. If you’re pregnant, try not to be too hard on yourself for the things you think. It’s not like you’re acting on your urge to move to some all-women’s community in the Amazon because your partner is making you angry because he put this thing inside of you!!! No, no, no. You are just thinking that. And that’s perfectly fine. Here are crazy thoughts all pregnant women have but don’t want to admit.

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15- I’m never having sex with my partner again


It’s pretty normal to think, each time you throw up from morning sickness, can’t have a cocktail, or can’t fit behind the steering wheel of the car, “I’m never having sex with my partner again!”

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