12 Toilet Signs Which Will Tickle Your Funny Bones And Make You Laugh


Sign boards are made and have been into existence sing long now. They were invented to make life easier for us, that’s something all of us know. And toilet signs are one such thing. Now, the sign boards we see is generally boring and almost look alike. But then there are people who make exceptions like always. These are the ones who try to make things different, make them funny to the extent that is bound to make you laugh. These toilet signs, the one whose pictures are below will make you laugh.

Here are 12 funny toilet signs that are bound to make you laugh!

gallery/image cf6
gallery/image 46

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1- Probably the best use of words ever. I mean, not all toilet signs have something this accurate.

gallery/image cf7

2- Toilets for nerds, maybe? This is downright funny, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t mind having this on my door.

gallery/image cf8

3- This made me laugh. Okay, maybe this crossed a line but come on, it’s genius.

gallery/image cf9

4- So, a toilet sign basically separate the genders, The one below combines them.

gallery/image cf10

5- Those with nuts will get this one. Who even come up with these funny signs?

6- And the truth has been spoken, my friend. No further comments.

gallery/image cf11

7- Well, let’s say, men don’t believe in closing the lid. The reality of this one made me laugh.

gallery/image cf12

8- Never in the history of sign boards, such use of a fact has been seen.

9- Isn’t the door small for Transformers? They for sure are double or triple our size, right?

gallery/image cf14

10- This is funny, brilliant, genius, can easily make you laugh and something which should be made mainstream.

gallery/image cf15

11- A pizza instead of toilet signs, why on earth would anyone do this?

gallery/image cf16
gallery/image cf13
gallery/image cf17

12- This one down here is my personal favorite. The artist who made this sure knows his work.

gallery/image cf18