10 Stars Who Didn’t Age Gracefully

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Celebrity stars are our idol and though we expect the best look from them always, we forget that they are also humans. In the bid to always remain in the cocoon we always want them to be, some still fall out always, unexpectedly and just like the saying beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, some turn out not quite the way we expect them to look. One cannot always blame time and age for this ravages as drugs, alcohol and plastic surgery are equally as destructive at the corner of some of our celebrity. With age, they did not turn out just as gorgeous as we expected them to be. Now let’s take a pip into some stars whose appearances became a disappointment over the course of their carriers

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10. Demi Moore


After a difficult childhood marked by alcoholism and a suicide attempt in the family , Demi Moore left behind her life in a New Mexico trailer park in pursuits of her carrier in the spotlight. She was first seen as a member of the “brat pack” and since then she has been in the acting carrier ever since. Three decades and three husbands later Moore’s name is known the world over but her face is rarely seen anymore. Age has not been very kind to her either, with some tabloids reporting her plastic surgery disaster and she having to deny ever going under the knife, is no wonder she is off the radar trying to fight and hold on to her looks

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